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What the tree?

The wife and I decide to take the kids to the park today. I went outside to pull the van up to the front of the house to load some junk for the thrift store into and I saw this, so I took a bunch of pictures.

My comment as I walked up to the garage? "Oh shit."

A little bit closer, now.

Uh... There is a lot of tree there. Hmm... I go tell the wife that it's gonna be a while, she's mad.

About 2 hours later I finally got the big limbs down. They were wedged between the tree they broke from, the garage roof, a basketball hoop, and another tree. I was in the way as I cut a branch or two down, started hearing the big limbs crack and fall and I had to get out of the way. It was scary.

Here is the pile so far.

DIfferent angle. Oh, there's a basketball hoop!

A bad picture of where the limbs broke.

There used to be tree there.

Pile again.

Yup, my first blood drawn, and yup those are bugs in it.

Getting smaller.

Getting bigger.



My little buddy.

He was fast.

He's on me!


Different one with a neat color.

The lovely hand tools I had. Thanks to my neighbor for letting me use the saw at the top.

The only apparent damage is that small bend in the gutter.

Bad closeup of the break.

Big limbs are done.

Again with the pile.

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