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Squirrel of the Week!

I live in a relatively old (for America) neighborhood (my house is over 80 years old) that has a lot of big, mature trees. The biggest one I've seen is across the way and I'd estimate that it's 7 or 8 feet in diameter, but that's neither here nor there nor over yonder or uh here. Anyway a bunch of the trees are horse chestnuts that drop buckeye-like seeds everywhere and the squirrels tear them up. Thus, we have loads of squirrels outs and abouts.

From now until eternity this will be the home of the infamous Squirrel of the Week. The last couple are unclickable, deal with it. The rest should be full of kick ass, clickable action. I hope you love it.


Week 12!

Squirrel Jewelry. Ok, so it's just milk cap ring and I'd feel bad about it if it weren't so damn cute and fashionable!

Week 11!

Tasty family junk food meal.

Week 10!

Albino Squirrel on the Washington DC mall! Who'da thunk?


Week 9!

Tight-roping squirrel!


Week 8!

The ever elusive albino squirrel! I've seen at least this one running around the 'hood for a couple years but there may be more than one and this one was right across the street from my house. Too cool!


Week 7!

Ooh! The first two picture Squirrel of the Week! I took like 50 shots of this one to prove that squirrels really do live inside trees all Chip and Dale-y and shit and I didn't get one that worked well. Therefore I have no proof, I could have photoshopped that second one. Well, I couldn't have photoshopped it but I bet someone could. Anyway squirrels live inside trees, and that's crazy!


Week 6!

Squirrel eating my nuts!


Week 5!

This one kicked my kid down the slide and bullied his way up there. Actually, this one was a crazy squirrel. Every once in a while we get one that jumps and twitches all crazy. It's pretty funny to watch how erratic they can be.


Week 4!

Tail in the garden.


Week 3!

Squirrel butt on my fence.


Week 2!



Week 1!

Well, here we have it, squirrel number one, and he's got devil eyes. I've come to realize that lots of squirrels have devil eyes. Don't let one bite you. Copyright . 1997-2008 and beyond! Contact me here! is proud as hell to be Powered by Your Mom. She looks best in 1024x768...