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Smoke Break 3 is available!

Show Notes: Our most sacreligious show ever! We discuss evolution, the Immaculate Conception, How hot was Mary?, A Joseph, Mary, God 3way?, The size of God's junk, The Bible an essay contest?, Pipe buddies, Pipe cleaning habits, Breakfast, at this hour?, Sure Shots jackets.

Smoke Break 2 is available!

Show Notes: This one sounds a bit better than the first but it's still rough. Tonight's conversations includes: Joels promise of Levee Breaking Blow Jobs return, Diamondback opens at KI, Being scared of roller coasters, Bad days at Kings Island: Deaths in the park, feeling boobs on the Smurf ride, and memories of Snagglepuss, watching The Wall, silent auctioning and how much is stained glass worth.

Smoke Break 1 is available!

Show Notes: This is the rough draft version of Smoke Break, it's almost unlistenable but for you diehards out there go ahead, for anyone else Smoke Break 3 will point you in a more accurate direction of the show, Keep your ears peeled. Future shows will sound better and hopefully I'll have a better handle on RSS feeds, though copying and pasting into your favorite podcatcher should work for you. Anyway the show was recorded on March 30th of 2009. Tonight we have: Howie shows up to a recording, PS 2 online talk in 2009, wii talk, nude model talk.

I got a Sansa e280 mp3 player for Christmas a while ago and have been carrying it around with me almost everywhere. It has a built in voice recorder with a button that is too easy to push and I would constantly get frustrated that while listening to something I bumped it and it automatically started recording. That sucked until I realized that sometimes on break at work some really funny or interesting stuff was being said. I asked my smoking cronies if they cared and I started recording some of our breaks every day.

Thus, Smoke Break was borned.

The show is recorded every weekday (just about) but will be uploaded, for the time being, in batches when I have time. It's a pretty short form (typically around 15 minutes) and sometime packed full of good stuff, sometimes it's boring, much like daily life.

The sound quality is inherantly pretty crappy and the first several shows are almost unlistenable but they will be posted more for a test to see if I can manage all the RSS crap and iTunes stuff. After maybe the tenth show the sound quality should get much better, and I'll probably make mention of that here.

We hope you love it, tell your friends, you can follow our slow twitter feed at @smokebreakshow. Feel free to leave a comment on the forums or send us some mail at Thanks for checking it out! Copyright . 1997-2008 and beyond! Contact me here! is proud as hell to be Powered by Your Mom. She looks best in 1024x768...