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Slugs Doing It!

You heard me right folks, step right up to see the weirdest thing I've seen in a long time! I went to pick up the wifey from a wedding and when I pulled into the driveway I saw the following hanging from a tree. I'm not sure what is going on, so I can't tell if it's really slug pornography or not, but I'm guessing it is. Click View Complete Article to see the oddities!

This is about what I saw when I pulled into the driveway. Yup, gross! The blue junk at the the bottom came out of their mouths and wiggled around like some ocean reef animal!

Hanging off the tree a good 10- 15 inches... Uhg!

The size of my thumb in comparison to the slugs, they were big! Note the hole in the one slugs head near the bottom right, there are better close ups later... It was almost as big as a pencil!

Get it on! Bang a gong! Get it on!

I think they are starting to swallow up the blue stuff in this picture...


I wish this pic would have come out a bit better, oh well.

Here you can see the very last of the blue stuff being sucked back in, at the bottom of the picture... Very strange! And all while hanging almost a foot off the side of a tree!

They monkeyed around like this for another minute or two...


I think they've just about had their fill...

This is a bad picture but it's where the one is saying "Uh... yeah, I gotta get up pretty early tomorrow, so, ya know, you may wanna be takin' off pretty soon. And I think you threw up a little on me.

The drop left the slug pretty still.

Yup... It sure did...


Slimy slugs! Eww! Oh yeah, keep an eye on the snotty stuff he's hanging from. Yeah, it's connected to something inside him, and he's sucking it up as well!

There is that hole! What the crap is it?!?

The hole again!

The slug's side.

I'm confused!

What planet are we on?

This whole process was nuts! It was only 5 to 7 minutes between when we first pulled up to the house and when they were what looked to be done. I could've puked! Copyright . 1997-2008 and beyond! Contact me here! is proud as hell to be Powered by Your Mom. She looks best in 1024x768...