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This will now be home for things that don't really have a home. Like the lepers. Except less arm-fally-offy and persecution and stuff. Leperousy...

Saw this on the way out the Sams Club. Why yes, they are flying port-a-potties.

My favorite kind of journey, just not really.

Years ago I was at a Halloween party dressed as Jimi Hendrix. The party also had a bottle of Everclear sitting around and what better opportunity to spit fire than then? I submitted a better video for a contest, and this, the edited video was the result and all that I have now. Enjoy.

Fire Breathing from aighead on Vimeo.

My cool haircut!

What happens when a glass prism gets broken free from it's hanger?

Hurricane Ike will be my first candidate on the Oddities page, click the pic (nice rhyme, woo!) to see more. A month and a half later and we're a go!


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