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I added this page to try to help folks enjoy

I've figured out a decent way to describe! It will encompass my old school page as well, but I think it works out about the same. started as a blogging site before blogging was blogging. I effing hate the word blog, by the way. Uh, it's grown, via the relatively easy methods of running a crappy little website, into what you see today... More or less a blog. There is a ton of crap to see and read, however expect to be dissappointed. Ultimately, I hope to make a media conglomerate more exciting than a french bread pizza and more powerful than a 1500 watt hairdryer/ 1100 watt microwave (take your pick).

Everything is pretty self explanatory. Please see my disclaimer, if you haven't yet. Otherwise, you can click on anything to the left <-- to take you all over. If there is no content somewhere, please check back. I hope to add a lot of older things as time goes by. Click here to see my former website. This one is cooler.

Secondly, there is a pretty sweet forum where you can discuss anything, but you've gotta register for it. It's an easy process and I promise never to mess with your info (honestly, I don't even know how to mess with your info). Copyright . 1997-2008 and beyond! Contact me here! is proud as hell to be Powered by Your Mom. She looks best in 1024x768...