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The Mothership goes here. So does my dog. Sorry about your pants.

Welcome back to the beginning of the new Mothership page. I'm not entirely sure how it's gonna work out from here, but we'll see. There is a ton of original Mothership content in it's original form over yonder, until I get it transferred here. I also wrote a bunch of stuff that won't be retrievable due to a lacksidasical database saving habit.

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4:51PM 8-9-2009

Happy yesterday Birthday to the Bits! We spent a fair amount of her birthday on the road back home from a lovely vacation in Gulf Shores, Bambalamba.

This year's trip, sponsored by grandpa, was a lovely time, though it's a bit rough with two little ones running around. The house was amazing and the beach/ocean were really nice! It was delightful to get to spend some time with the family, and I'll share some neat pictures when I get the time to build a vacation page.

Alabama is a strange place. This was the first time I've really driven through and stayed there, other than maybe passing through the upper part to go to Florida or something and I'm pretty convinced that other than the touristy spot where we stayed there are only 2 houses in the state. Everything else is very strange foresty swampland. I only call it that because it's what I saw from I-65 and though I don't think most of it is swamp it looked like it should be. If'n you ever get the chance to drive through or stay check it out, it's weird and again urban sprawl/ overpopulation is bullshit. There is a ton of land to still be had. Oh yeah, if you get the chance to pass through Nashville at night look for the ATT building and it's creepy devil horns, it's kinda scary, but not so much during the day.

5:46PM 7-5-2009

A couple things...

Firstly, if you haven't read the Declaration of Independence, go check it out. It's only as long as your average news story and it's really neat to see how America's forefathers succinctly told the British to back off.

Secondly, living on the East Side has proven an interesting place to be to listen to all the fireworks/firecrackers that're being shot off. As I get older I think about the noise they create and it's true meaning and symbolism of gunshots/war and the sacrafice our forefathers have given to provide such a great place to live and that we shouldn't take advantage of it like we tend to. If you've never experienced just sitting back and listening to the random pops and fizzles it's worth it to get a feeling of what war may feel like and an appreciation for living in a peaceful society.

1:27AM 1-1-2009

Happy 2009, y'alls. Again, with the gunshots outside. It's good times to hear someone that can't be more than five to ten blocks away unloading his 9mm into, presumably, the sky, because it turned into tomorrow.

Also, it's good times to intentionally stick your hands into the toilet to wash out the kid's gross undies.

Christmas was lovely, it's always nice to see the family(s). The haul included some stuff.

12:55AM 12-22-2008

Sweet meat, it is really cold here today. I heard the weather dude say that it would likely get down to -5 to -15 degrees with the wind chill (and this ain't no metric crap, this is really cold, in Fahrenheit), but I sincerely don't remember it ever being this cold in these parts. I don't know how those damn penguins do it! By "those damn penguins", I mean the ones I smuggled back from Antarctica in my pants and now keep alive in my freezer. Seriously, I know people that live in colder climates are more prepared with better clothes and big wood furnaces and stuff, but I don't know how you can do it. I'm pretty sure an environment that averaged sub-zero temperatures would make me nuts. I have however come back inside from smoking with a new found respect for how effing cold it can get.

12:29AM 12-21-2008

Really, I'm a jerk. I orignally had the last three entries of this post done on the 5th of December, and lookey here it's already the 21st. Here comes Santa Claus.

I recently found that if you own a Honda Civic that is similarly really old like mine, it's likely easier to take the bumper off to change a headlight. That seems strange but there is a hole that your hand must fit in, to replace the bulb, that is approximately no bigger around than a quarter, assuming you are using the owners manual's method for replacing the light. I mananged to get a new light bulb near the correct spot but it eventually wiggled it's way into the headlight enclosure, really kinda freaking me out. Now, I not only have a burnt out headlight, I have a brand new bulb floating around inside the little headlight box. I looked online to find that removing the bumper was an easy job and that was the method for removing the whole headlight enclosure. After messing with the one light for about a half hour, I started on the bumper and about 15 minutes later I retrieved the first bulb, replaced both headlights and reinstalled the bumper. Done.

Uh, Merry Christmas, I guess! I hope you got me something nice, 'cause I'm expecting it.

I'm pretty convinced that every time I get a cold, I'm gonna die. Then, if I don't die, I'm going to have abs of steel, 'cause I cough hella lots.

I hope every one had a beautiful Thanksgiving. The aighead.compound was chock full of sick but we still made it to 5 different places, with 3 Thursday, 1 Friday, and 1 Saturday, with a couple trips to Cincinnasty along the way. It was a delight to see everyone, and sorry if you caught our colds. Uh, I don't think we had anything of drastic event. Isla was pretty good through most of the trips for her first Spanksgiving. I'm pretty sure Oscar ate about a hundred and ninety cherry tomatos Thursday night. He kept swiping stuff off a vegetable tray and eating it, or he'd take a bite of celery to find he didn't really like it, then put it back on the tray (he did this a bunch of times). He's really becoming a little smartass, but in a good way, and it's pretty funny to watch him grow and talk. Isla should be a trip.

Oh yeah, heh. I guess we've got a new president in line, huh? It'll be interesting to see how Obama works out, and I'm pretty surprised that he is our next president. With "rough economic times" it may be a tough round for him. I'm not really a fan of Obama, but he does seem to talk like a fairly normal person. I'd love to see him not spend my money, or the money of people that give me a job. We'll see.


12:54AM 9-29-2008

Cripes, y'alls... Time flies, huh?

Several months ago, Oscar wakes up a bit earlier than me, climbs onto the wifey and I's bed, over me and proceeds to snap the arm of my glasses off. A couple of days later the glasses had been through 2 transformations of MacGrubering, finally ending up with the arm of an old pair of glasses being wired (much like a muffler that has been dragging) to the the main glasses part. It works out ok, but they are a bit slidey if I get sweaty and stuff. About a month ago, my rigged glasses fell into a paint rolling pan full of grass green paint. Today, I went to help Oscar stand and pee, and my glasses slid off and into the peeful toilet.


12:55AM 8-30-2008

So, I'll likely, reluctantly, vote for McCain this go 'round. I don't like many of the policies I've heard about him, but I do like some of the important ones.

He came to my town (about 3 miles away from my house, as the crow flies), earlier today (being the 28th, in my head), and hired some Alaskan lady to likely become the first American female president. I was actually pretty happy to see her (Sarah Palin), she seems like she may be alright. I think it's likely a brilliant move for McCain, and it makes me, preliminarily, less reluctant to check his box (gross) come votin' day. Apparently, Palin is kinda hot and was a contender for Miss Alaska, which is funny. I thought the glasses made her look like a high class prostitute. She seems more conservative, in the fiscal sense, than McCain so that's good. There's not much experience there, but that's likely a good thing, assuming she can keep up. We'll see how it goes but I really say that McCain wastes Obama this election.


11:51PM 8-8-2008

This may be the longest day ever created. Not that I'm not having a nice day, because I am, but I'm just having a hard time believing that it's still the 8th. The wifey had a baby today (what already seems like weeks ago). We've had a ton of great family come up and see the Bobby Brown-esque new addtion (yeah, repeated joke, but it's a decent one). The visits from last night, really feel like they were days ago, even though the wifey and new kid are still at the hospital, to which I'm about to return. Ok, gotta sign off before it turns into tomorrow...

1:09AM 8-2-2008

Now, to catch up... I'm not sure where I left off, so I'll restart somewhere. I have a son named Oscar, he's kickass. I knocked up the wifey again and our second child is due just about any second now (uh, I've got golf in the morning...). My 55 year uncle, Mark, died a couple months ago, unexpectedly (we miss you loads Mark, I coulda asked you about a lot of neat stuff). I still wrestle squids for a living. And, there we have it, caught up! Let me know if I'm missing anything.


My birthday was yesterday (uh, 2 days ago I guess, 7-31) and the wifey made me a delightful, surprise dinner of chicken tacos and a Heath Bar angel food cake that was really tasty. 13 chicken tacos later and they're calling my name right now. Mmm, chicken tacos. Someday we'll get the recipe up here.


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