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Archive of all the junk that was on the main page for the Fiscal Year of 2009.



The 52nd show! presents: Some Hippy Nonsense. We talk about broken phones, obtaining illegalities, and young bums. Click here to listen now!



The 51st show! presents: Using enough cloroform? We talk about battery packaging, coma wives, and Rules of Civility. Click here to listen now!



The 50th show! presents: I'm 50! We talk about Charlie Brown, brainwashing 3d tech, and Silky Smooth cures STDs. Click here to listen now!


What the tree happened?



The 49th show! presents: The Tickler. We talk about taxes, selling dumpster candy, and easy identity theft. Click here to listen now!



The 48th show! presents: My Butt Has Gone Crazy! We talk about parenting, books, and funerary practices. Click here to listen now!



The 47th show! presents: Getting Mugged By Skateboarders. We talk about podcasts, hoarding, and who we want to punch. Click here to listen now!



The 46th show! presents: Paving The Roads With Oatmeal. We talk about tube cookies, 20 questions, and read emails! Click here to listen now!



The 45th show! presents: Voodoo Science. We talk about Googling Bing, 20 questions, and tattooing babies. Click here to listen now!


Yeah, that's the kind of journey I like! Click that picture to see what is funny and strange about it!


This is the kid's version of a frog with some Cookie monster and Stinkeye thrown in for good measure. Oh yeah, the noise she's making is "ribbit".



The 44th show! presents: A Linguistic Debate. We talk about pancakes, Michelle Obama's crazy look, and keyboard pants. Click here to listen now!



The 43rd show! presents: My Great Grandmothers Folding Chair. We talk about the census, yelling at hookers, and new school hippies. Click here to listen now!



The 42nd show! presents: The Techno Power Hour or The Mini-Episode. We talk about single A batteries, drywall, and 1931. Click here to listen now!



The 41st show! presents: Hard Gas. Better late than never. We talk about tire spinning hillbillies and Wayne Newton's face. Click here to listen now! Happy birthday to my mom!


Who knew squirrels like McDonalds too?



The 40th show! presents: Silent Hill Edition. We talk about cell phone elbow, bumper nuts, and Progressive Flo. Click here to listen now!



The 39th show! presents: The TV and Movie Episode. The kids intro the show and we talk about, uh, tv and movies. Sound quality sucks, sorry. Click here to listen now!


Late night update... Uh here is a video of the Apollo 11 Saturn V launch in slow motion. This is from 1969 and is pretty incredible. Go to Vimeo to see it in HD, too cool.

Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch (HD) Camera E-8 from Mark Gray on Vimeo.

New Squirrel of the Week, live from our nations capital! Oh, and it's getting to be bug season, keep your queeziness on gaurd.


Oscar dragged this beast home from the park today...



The 38th show! presents: Punching Snookie. We talk about poor diagnosising, Little IslaM, and hardcore mayo. Sound quality sucks, sorry. Click here to listen now!



The 37th show! presents: Global Warming Spectacular, Pt. V or CCCCCCCCCCCC-TV. We talk about snorting stuff, The best 'That's What She Said' ever, and Steve calls in. Click here to listen now!


The future is going to be really screwy. This is cool and while I'd love to see some use beyond photos, I could see taking advantage of this system quite a bit. There is a big alphabet that shows up late in the video, and I'd be very curious to know how easy or fast it would be to do some actual typing... Speaking of which, I'm going to try to train the Windows 7 speech recognition system some more so I can stop all this typing...



The 36th show! presents: Global Warming Spectacular, Pt. IV or Infinity Dollars. We talk about robots, black midgets, and the iPad (kinda). Click here to listen now!


I'm on a roll! Here is video I took of the sun right behind the Washington Monument, in Washington DC, and it shows how quickly Earth moves around in space. It's my best video yet! This video will eventually end up in a Vacation section, once I build that page.

The Sun and the Washington Monument from aighead on Vimeo.


So I dug up this video for the presents show notes and it seems a waste to just keep it there, so here you have me, blowing a big ol' fireball in a Jimi Hendrix costume... Oh, and now you can find this video for all of eternity over in Oddities.

Fire Breathing from aighead on Vimeo.



The 35th show! presents: Global Warming Spectacular, Pt. III or Saddle Up. We talk about The Blob, 3rd hand smoke, and the uncleanable. Click here to listen now!


The future of computer user interfacing input? This is a long video but a pretty slick demonstration, however, I'm not sure how long it takes to learn to intricately control all your fingers at once. I really am becoming a blogger, sorry.

10/GUI from C. Miller on Vimeo.



The 34th show! presents: Global Warming Spectacular, Pt. II or No Gay Horses. We talk about mouth tattoos and doing things that look illegal. Click here to listen now!



The 33rd show! presents: Global Warming Spectacular, Pt. I or The Christmas Spoiler Episode. We talk about babies, content sucking, and TVs of the future. Click here to listen now!

And then, I'm kinda unhappy about Mr. Potato Head introducing my kids to Kim Jong Il's hair this early in life...


Check out my new doo!



The 32nd show! presents: Let's Go Golfing! We play golf inside and don't talk much about anything!



The 31st show! presents: Squirrel Army. From BAS, we've got rough sound, beard talk, and talk about tiny people.


Welcome to what amounts to me reposting stuff. Look ma, I'm a blogger!



The 30th show! presents: Teeth Killing Yumminess. From BAS, we've got terrible sound, trains, and The Blob!


I installed a new window on my busted car! Go check it out!


So, I haven't updated the site with anything that wasn't adcp related in a billion years, what better way than to break the crap out of my car window? Check out Oddities or just click the picture below to enjoy as much as I did...



The 29th show! presents: Panel of Douche Bags. We talk about oatmeal, getting whacked, and Commilinigus.


The 28th show! presents: Corporate Hobos. We talk about a new holiday, The Tickler, and oatmeal.


The 27th show! presents: Are we recording?, We talk about money stacks, soul rape, and folding a rainbow.

Also, we're rocking a slight banner redesign to signify our staying power and the presents page is nicer and more cohesive than ever!


The 26th show! presents: Mind Thief. We talk about selling bikes, rappin' grannies, and gay hobos. Be sure to check out the new, super-cool, show note format. Really, it's pretty cool!


The 25th show! We talk about drunk flares, free hair cuts, and '50's women.


The 24th show! We talk about our first real sponsor, a career change, and my kid tells jokes, then shows he's sleepy...


The 23rd show! We talk about purse dogs, financial tips, and cutting, kind of. presents: Pulling down pants


Happy New Year everyone. The 22nd show is ready. presents: A show where we do lists We talk about Jeopardy, play a game, and get uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation. We're all adults here, right?


The 21st show! presents: Suing W. is here to play by the fire on Christmas Eve, you're kids will love it and everyone will sleep well.


The 20th show! presents: Free Garage Sale! is all up in your ears! We discuss falling, cheerleader car washes, and movie reviews.


The 19th show! presents: Stop Touching Me is here. We tell jokes, and talk about crappy cars and Zack Morris.


The 18th show! presents: Depression Area is here! We talk about genocide, kicking ducks, and what Sesame Street is really doing to our kids.


The 17th show! presents: Reading Sucks is now ready! We talk about the release of the first show, Madeline Albright and Starbucks being hairy.


The 16th show! presents: Creating Black Holes is up, up, and away. Check the disclaimer at the beginning of the show. We talk about what to do with the toilet, making money, and pants. Oh yeah, search for " presents:" on iTunes now to listen or subscribe there! I finally got that crap worked out!


The 15th show! presents: Concrete Hips! is ready for listening! We talk about carrying caskets, crying, and The Velvet Fog.


The 14th show! presents: Amateur Physics! We, apparently, host a billion families, and perform really poorly at our first live call in.


The 13th show! presents: Tastes like guilt. We talk about the horrors of Ikea, religion, and JoelTrains car buying experience.


So, here is presents: Do you smell your house? Back on track.


Slightly late, due to some computer power supply issues (MacGruber to the rescue, with pictures to come!) here is the slow and serious 11th show. presents: Teabag me before you leave.


Holy week 10, Buttman! presents: Jules Verne is happening to, in and around your ears.


With a delightful cold, brought to you by the youngest male here at the aighead.compound I present to the listening audience our 9th episode of presents: Procrastinating light bulb changer.


GO! Listen to presents: Bowling Party Trashcan Pizza it'll be the greatest thing you've listened to since the last thing you heard.


I think all the picture screwups have now been fixed. I think.


New Squirrel of the Week!

9-16-2009 presents: When she gives him piggyback rides... Is ready for the taking. I also built the wifey a spice rack, I'll try to get the fascinating pictures up soon! Oh yeah! We've got a voicemail number!

9-9-2009 presents: The best sound effect ever has been sloppily produced by yours truly... I kinda screwed up on adding some of the normalish intro and outro-ey stuff, but the content is all still large Marge and in charge. Oh yeah, we started recording in the garage and the sound quality is a fair amount better!

9-2-2009 presents: Some crap or another is up, up and away!

Happy birthday to my dad yesterday and my sister today. Woop!

8-26-2009 presents: Hammerlane has been added!

8-19-2009 presents: Trips to the fertility clinic is crappenin' over yonder!

8-12-2009 presents: Keeping pellet guns away from Craigery is now ready to check out! We're on a roll!


So presents: now has a feed address to subscribe to the show. Click here to check it out. The second show should be up tomorrow!


There is a new Mothership update now ready to check out! Ooh la la, also old school Mothershippin' it! Copyright . 1997-2008 and beyond! Contact me here! is proud as hell to be Powered by Your Mom. She looks best in 1024x768...