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Archive of all the junk that was on the main page for the Fiscal Year of 2008.


We're recording an presents: this evening woohoo!

Oh yeah, the first presents: is ready to go! It's titled presents: Welcome to presents: and you can listen to it here. Zoiks yo!


Click here to see exciting info on presents:! Woop, woop!


Well, well, well, the long awaited third Smoke Break is up and ready to hear. It's the first show to actually have somewhat of a topic and to an extent you can actually hear the discussion! Tell your friends and neighbors!


There is a podcast called No Agenda that I'm creating a link for over on the left there that I think everyone should start listening to. It's a bit conspiracy theorist whackiness but most of it makes a lot of sense, and typically in the bad way. It's hosted by Adam Curry of fomer MTV fame and John C. Dvorak of internet fame (I guess) and they do a lot of homework to make the connections that the standard media outlets do not make. The reason I'm not just slapping their link under the Links the Hell Out of Here heading is because I think they actually have valuable information and I'm embedding their most recent episodes here at to, hopefully, share the wealth. Go check them out.


Alright, pardon me while I vent some frustration...

So, as seen below I've released the first of one of a couple shows due to be produced by yours truly, with the help of some friends. The venting comes in the form of I'm trying to setup an RSS feed (which basically means that it's an easy place to go to get an automatic subscription to a show rather than having to come back here each time to download the newest release), and I think I've done that properly. The feed seems to be working. I've also submitted that feed to Podcast Alley, which is where I've found the RSS feeds for several of the shows I listen to. They seem to be a mess of unorganized craziness, because I know the show is there, but I'll be damned if I can find it, and honestly, I have nary a clue as to how I've done any of this crap. I'm sure some practice of releasing more shows will help, but please forgive me for being a slacker in this respect. I don't have the foggiest idea of what the hell I'm doing, and most of my rant here is probably due to Podcast Alley being confusing, but part of it is me just being overwhelmed with trying to make sure my bases are covered while not really knowing what bases there are.

Thanks for hanging out and thanks fo your patience.

Oh yeah, I put the second Smoke Break up too...


Sweet pants, is now a podcasting (for lack of better words) phenomenon! Get ready world here we come. Click here to see the details and hear the very first Smoke Break!


Hey hey, new Squirrel of the Week picture and it's an extra rare shot! Ghost Squirrel!


Happy Independence Day a bit late! Go to the Mothership to see my thoughts for this 4th of July! Also I just added the second original Mothership page, from 2-2-1998 to 4-16-1998! Wool!

Shew. Big info reading ahead!

So, I'm a slacker lately and even though no one ever visits the site, if by chance, some lovely people do drop by, I'd like to explain what is going on and why I'm slow to update.

There are a couple new features that I'm trying to get together. I've got two new shows and some video for various other parts of the site in the pipeline. If I may, I'll give you a preview.

We'll start off with Smoke Break. Smoke Break is a podcast type show that's name points to it's inspiration. I go out to smoke at work and record the conversations we have, so it's a sneaky inside look at what some dudes say while they are on break from their hectic work life. The format is typically nice and short and while the show is recorded every day, it'll likely be uploaded several shows at a time. As it stands right now and until I get more proficient at editing, I won't have the time to do daily uploads. The shows range from boring to funny to deep given the day and that days events. I would imagine that eventually it'll get to be a timely kind of show, we'll see.

Next is the bigger project I've been working on and it's another podcast type show called presents:. It's a considerably longer form show, where the fellers come out to the house and we record for several hours, then break that up into several hour-ish long shows to be released in the future. Again the shows range from boring to funny to deep depending on the guests, the mood, and how intoxicated people (Bobby) are.

Having never done this kind of production before I'm quickly learning that the editing process is a long, painful one, but I'm getting better. I'd like to say that either of these shows will be up soon, but I know better than to make any promises. They should be easy to access and download either from the site or your favorite podcast directory. Hopefully everything works out and keep your ears to the grindstone.

After all that, but possibly before it in the real sense of trying to update the site, I've been working on figuring out how to upload some videos so they can be supplementary to some of the other featured spots. My slow, slow computer is very begrudgingly up to the task of video editing and conversion though, so again, we'll see how it goes. I also have a fair ton of bug pictures, squirrels of the week, various oddities and the like to add. You can blame presents: for their lack of being previously added.

Thanks for your patience and much love to my homelys!


Well, it's been a while, but I've been busy readying the site for some new junk. You'll notice if you look towards the bottom of that list on the left there that there is now a chat function. Disregard the ads, and just to be a pain in your butt you'll probably have to register somewhere (like we don't get enough of that on the internet), but it should be fun, and mostly just a quick and easy way for me to chat with a couple people. Tell your friends and steal some bandwidth while you chat about how boring is!


April Fools!!! I got you! HA!

Anyway, uhm, oh, there is now a crapshack's worth of close up buggy pictures available on this here website. View them yonder and click 'em to make it extra gross!

I'm also in serious consideration of joining the new (heh) movement of social media sites like Digg or Yahoo Buzz, beware their little buttons and prepare your clicking fingers for when I actually figure out what I need to do to get them to work! Any support would be lovely!


Oh hey, I'm still alive, even after all that and a bag of chips. Uh, I slapped up the rest of part II of Atomic Pee Man tonight. If I can find the time, I'll add more pictures to the fray to make it appear more exciting, though we'll all know better! Uh, and keep your eye out for some really neat, really close up pictures of a creepy bug that I've had for a while, there are claws involved!


Ooh la-la. The first 10-ish days of The Love Calendar are now available to help you get it on.


Hi! I've finally added something to Eek! Bugs! All for your sleeping enjoyment! Head on over to Animals in the 'Hood.


Happy New Year! Woo! Uh, I don't really care much about New Years Day but happy one to 'ya just the same. Anyway, I added some crap to The Mothership. Keep your one good eye out for the first part of Atomic Pee Man, Part II and the subsequency from there on, oh and leave your bad eye in, it's gross. (Edit- Eh, screw it, enjoy APM now, weirdo.)


Holy crap! Two days in a row! This go 'round I added the Squirrel of the Week page, and another Mothership entry! Suck it!


Oh, the ol' "I've been a slacker super update..." I'm hoping to keep on a decent streak for a bit if I have time. We'll see! Uh, check out "Weird Stuff I Found in the Fridge!" on the Oddities page. There are new Isla pictures and I updated The Mothership with some unexcitement. Keep your ears peeled for a potential show of some sort. Oh yeah, go to the forums to suggest a name for the show.


Added "My Dog Wants To Kill You!" to Animals in the 'hood.


Happy belated birthday to my lovely wife a couple days ago! Updated The Mothership with the first 24 addtions ever! Edited the new user page to clarify some crap.


Added Hurricane Ike to the newly added but lowly contented Oddities page! Rock it with your sprocket!


Updated The Mothership. Good times. Oh yeah, also added the Slug love over in Animals in the 'Hood.


Well, I think I have the layout the way I like it and everything on website format is ready-ish to go, all that is left is to fill in the back-end*.


There are some minor tweaks going on right now in preparation for a couple new things, beware. Oh, and it was windy today, more on that later [edit- it's later, look here!].


So, it's probably not close to ready yet, but I'd like you to say hello to the new forums! Woo! I found a program that I may be able to manage and better yet it's free. Don't forget to register and no I won't mess with your email or send you crap. Go start up a conversation with me and I'll tell you, uh.... something I guess. I'll eventually have the link on the side like everything else but I got all antsy in my pantsy. The forum will take you to kinda another site, don't forget to come back!


Well, happy birthday to my dad yesterday, and my sister today! Woo! I've added some Oscar pictures back in the mix. Hopefully they all work right, because I have to pee!


The (recently improved) Mothership has got new business going on, get it while it's hot.

New pictures of Isla, and removed pictures of Oscar (he was bad... not really, I just didn't have time to move his into a new format tonight).


New pictures of Isla and Oscar! Click The Family to check 'em out!

Ha! Still 8-8-2008!

Go see my comments on the longest day ever made! I now understand the infinity subtext of the number 8.

Ha! 8-8-2008!

Exactly 3 hours and 58 minutes ago this little bundle of baby entered the world.

May I introduce the world to Isla Marjorie, fresh after her first bath...

Weighing in at 2 ounces heavier than Oscar and I think just a half inch taller, Isla was exactly 8 pounds, 21 and a half inches long, and born at 12:39 AM. (D'oh! I was wrong! She was 20 and a half inches long)

I'll write more later when I have a bit more time.


There's a review up for my birthday dinner!

The Mothership has opened for business...


My birthday! Woo! I'm kinda, officially, kicking off with this little message and here is also where you'll see links to all the newest stuff. I hope you enjoy the format, let me know if there is anything you think I should add! (Other than more content, I slack!).

Go check out Aighead for President, but don't believe a word... A lot of my views are a bit different, even though I've edited that version within the past 2 years, I'm officially considerably more conservative now (not republican...).

Go see what will soon be the style of Animals in the 'Hood! I'm hoping to add much to it soon!

So, The Wifey is Fat... Again! And, I finally got a picture or three! She's gonna blow! Stay tuned for my recap of her last pregnancy, it'll be like going in a time machine. I'll be going 88 miles per hour. Copyright . 1997-2008 and beyond! Contact me here! is proud as hell to be Powered by Your Mom. She looks best in 1024x768...