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My dog wants to kill you!

I have a little doggy named Kado. He is a well intentioned, very energetic dog. He likes to get into trouble, usually involving me doing something to him, as seen below. As usual, click it or ticket, to uh make the pictures more life-like in size.

The first picture may as well be the money maker! (and by that, I mean the wife's gun show, heh)

This silly one is a shining example of my photo editing capabilities.

Kado got a haircut, once. Turned out to be a bad idea, but he looked like a hyena, which was pretty cool. And he started laughing a lot, which was creepy. He started out a pretty dog, like so:

And ended up this monstrosity:

I learned a couple lessons, from this dog grooming experience... My dog's fur is pretty rough on my hair clippers and hair clippers get hot when stressed out over cutting through dog fur. My dog doesn't really need buzz cuts. My dog doesn't really like buzz cuts. It takes a long time for tail hair to grow back. Finally, a buzzcut dog, mine at least, doesn't really shed less in the summer, even though he's got a buzzcut. I thought I was helping him out, but I think I just made him mad.

So, we were painting once and the dog decided to play in the painting tape, this is the result:

This is Kado's cue that you've been on the phone too long.:

Kado is effing hairy!

Amadeus dog!

Got any pictures of your dog doing stupid crap? Uh, ok.

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