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Ok, so you've read it here first. I'm a mostly mild mannered good kid from a great bunch of families. That being said, funny stuff is often full of foul language, dissappointing behavior, and general nonsensery, that is mostly embarrassing to me, for writing it, especially when read by the eyes of my family and friends who usually see a milder mannered side of me. So, uh, to my parents, in-laws, grandparents, you know, you'll have to excuse me and accept this as a fair warning that you never know what kind of terrible story you may read at I love you and goodnight.

Oh yeah, to all the new folks that may stop by: Thanks a bunch for coming 'round. It's a pleasure to have you!

Another disclaiming note: The new forums are up and similar no rules rules apply, beware of foul language and immature behavior. Copyright . 1997-2008 and beyond! Contact me here! is proud as hell to be Powered by Your Mom. She looks best in 1024x768...