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Eek! Bugs!

This is that fancy Nancy page where I house all the creepy pictures of bugs and the like that I can find. Hey, what's that crawling on your shoulder?

Well, I just realized that I'm a jerk and forgot to take a full sized picture of this mean looking spider, so there is a reasonable chance that it doesn't/didn't really exist, but here are some close up pictures of it anyway. I hope you are creeped out by them!
I think the first picture is of it's butt, second and third are maybe a different part of it's butt, and the fourth is a really weird part of somewhere else.
Ok, what we have here are the claw things near, presumably, it's mouth, in the first picture, scary! The second is a claw like hand thing, third and fourth are it's eyes(?).
This, I think, is just an leg or something, furry little bastard.

Ok, I'll preface this one with the ol' obligatory "I'm not really afraid of bugs" but I caught this thing somewhere where I had the opportunity to get some magnified pictures of it. I couldn't pass that opportunity by and it's almost made me puke a couple times, and under the scope it's effing scary. Enjoy!

This is the bug from afar, he was a little more active before I got him so drunk he died... for science.

These first three are random bug parts, the fourth is an eye. Little bastards are furrier than I expected.
1st picture is an eyeball, 2nd and 3rd I was aiming at the weird hole just above and to the left of center (what the hell?), and the 4th is a wing part.
This is what really creeped me out. The little claw thing is freaky deaky! Nothing like a scythe at the end of your hand to make friends... The 4th picture here is the telltale sign of an Indian woman, no really, why the red dot on it's head?
I think the 2nd picture is it's tongue followed by more of the claw. It looks like there are two claws per foot and possible an thumb very similar to humans?
It may have been part rose bush.
The 3rd picture is it's butt, followed by yet more of the claw.
I'm not really sure what the hell this is but it was interesting looking.
This is a neat little moth that was hanging out one day, apparently collecting tiny, little seed pods.
This is the only praying mantis I've seen around these parts. He was cool.
This is a bug I'm fairly positive I discovered and I've called it a Giraffe Rhino Cricket, for obvious reasons. It may have evolved from something terrible in my basement.
This beetley little punk seems to have a dense population around here. It's possible that I caught this one pooping!
I'm not usually afraid of bugs, but this spider is a bit creepy.
This one was hanging by his web like this for a long time. He'd just swing back and forth.
I think this was taken during the year of the 17 year cicadas. They are annoying but fascinating to see. The blue in their freshly shedded wings is kickass.
I think Matt and I saw this one. We took about a billion crappy pictures of it and this was the best to come out of it. I think this one gets Showtime with those huge antenna!
Another neat cicada.
Another of the beetles (Ringo?) This one stole my smoke.
This one had neat colors, so I ate it.
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