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If you don't already know... This is Atomic Pee Man! He is the resident superhero here at the aighead.compound.

This will be the Table Of Contents, if you will, of his adventures.

Part II was actually the first to be written (it's like Pulp Fiction and junk). There will be other parts of the story available over time, when I get the gumption to either copy them to or write more. I haven't tried writing any APM stuff in a bunch of years, so it may be about time if I can come up with something.

So, here it is, the most anticipated story ever retold... Part II Of The Wiley Adventures Of Atomic Pee Man!

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*Atomic Pee Man Disclaimer*

I am certainly no drawer, as you can see, but the drawings are hard... I do the best I can. Love it or lump it.

As you may see around the various Pee Man pages Pee Man may be referred to as Peeman... I am a lazy fuck and I realized but didn't feel like fixing it, just so you know, it's pronounced the same way. I've also left in some links that will go to some old picture pages that may or may not contain some hilarity. With the laziness previously mentioned, those pages are likely linked back to my old site and not this one. Don't forget to hit the back button. Love it or lump it.

This stuff has all been edited around a couple times so it may be more my editing and less you thinking you're crazy from thinking you read it like something else earlier (which you probably didn't).

All names, places, and events are strictly fictitious, any similarity between the names/places/events herein and thereout is probably made up in your fragile little reality, you should have it checked out. If it's not made up in your reality it is still stricly fictitious so, now, by reading this crap or clicking the above links you can't sue me for some junk or another... Love it or lump it mofo.

I think that's all I have to disclaim mofo, except for these Mexican bananas... do they have to go in quarantine?
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