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Welcome to my Campaign for the 2012 United States Of America, Presidential Election!

First off, let me explain that I am claiming absolutely no intelligence in the field of politics, which at this point, I'd say that is a good thing. Stupid enough to be the American Public, but smart enough to be the American Person will be my cry of justice (whatever that means). I will be accepting NO donations from any place out there. All the donations I ask for are word of mouth harassing of your buddies for the I've Got Your Checks And Balances campaign. You too can be on the exciting trek to make me President in 2012! For the time being, this page started off with me just taking notes and not posting anything on the internet, but I decided against not posting it, so it'll just be in this crap style. You'll get it.

I would be proud to be the working man's president. I think it's time for a little guy to get this country back to the basics. Someone who will speak in common, everyday English and tell the American citizen how it really is. It is the little guys that get the majority of work physically done in this country and if it weren't for us as a team we wouldn't have all the food, goods and services we enjoy and take advantage of as Americans. It's about time someone represents the good ol' middle class, which is such a huge sector of the population. I think we've had enough of all the rich jackasses in Washington, who have lived their priveledged lives and are totally disconnected with the way people really live. Ya think Georgie Dub, or Clinton, or Georgie H, or any of them recently know what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck? What it costs to raise a child, or pay for the gas to heat our homes? I kinda doubt it.

Below is my continually changing stance on the major issues of the day. Check back often to see if my mind has changed about stuff. I think, fundamentally, I tend to believe in pretty much the same thing throughout (life, liberty, freedom), it's just the methods of getting there and not having the government involved in most of it. Enjoy and if you agree don't forget to tell a friend or fifty. Someone has to beat Hillary in 2012, it might as well be me!

Politics... Least amount of gov't possible. Most amount of people who are concerned for humanity, in the government positions, possible. It doesn't make sense for the citizens of this country to be dependant on a government. In all reality, we need to learn to be dependant on ourselves, and stay responsible for our own actions. When is dependancy ever a good thing? It's usually not! Humans are extremely intelligent animals and we're better than the mess of beaurocracy we've gotten ourselves into lately.

The Fair Tax plan... I need to do some more research on this one, but, from what I've heard it makes the absolute most sense. Basically, for example, let's say I get paid 10 bucks an hour and work 40 hours. Let's assume that equals out to $800 every two weeks (my math is really bad, but I'm pretty sure that's right!). I pay, out of every hour that I work (10 bucks, for the hour worked, from my employer), about 3 bucks directly to the gov't, federal, state, and local. I now make about 7 bucks an hour. Next, I go to the grocery and spend another 7 cents for every dollar I spend to pay more taxes (7% sales tax). After that, I go to the gas station and spend 44 cents for every gallon of gas I buy to pay towards taxes (that's about 30% gas tax). Through the two weeks (again 800 bucks worth), I end up spending over 40% of the money I worked 80 long hours for to the gov't. This means that out of my 800 bucks, I actually have, conservatively, 480 dollars which is my own. This is low balling the number quite a bit, I think the real number is around $420-430. 480 dollars that I can spend how I see fit. Meanwhile, the roads I drive are crap, it takes the police a way longer time to respond than it should, and at any time terrorists may blow up my city of residence (I'm kinda flying off topic here but this is what my tax dollars are paying for). What the fair tax says is, when I get paid every 2 weeks my paycheck will contain $800 straight out. No income tax, no state tax, no local tax, no social security, no medicare, etc. 800 bucks, here ya go. Now, that 800 bucks is in my pocket to spend how I see fit, as I have paid no taxes directly from it I get all the money. If I want I can go stuff every cent of that into a mattress in my shack. The taxing comes in the form of purchases I make with my money. The idea is that I will go to the grocery and pay around 25% for every new item I buy. Any used items will not be taxed as they have already been taxed by the original purchaser. This logic goes with big ticket items such as cars, washing machines, and any other new product available, from fast food to toilet paper. If I want to buy a new car that costs 10,000 bucks I will pay 12,500 for it (assuming my terrible math is correct) that vehicle will never be taxed again any time it is resold. Therefore, if you don't want to pay taxes you can get away with buying used stuff all the time, but good luck doing that with groceries or household cleaning goods etc. What this does is it removes all the loopholes through which people slip to avoid paying their share and gives people more of their money to spend. There are many illegal aliens that live and work in the US and don't pay any taxes to do so. This is not fair and should not be practiced. There are many huge corporations that receive huge tax breaks due to loopholes and these loopholes would be tightened shut. Now everyone is paying their share of the taxes. The economy would, in theory, go booming because rather than the 480 bucks I am currently dealing with it's now $800 depending on what I buy. Even after buying the same things I buy under the current tax situation with the fair tax plan I still have excess money because the tax rate is not at 40%. With that 800 bucks I am likely to go out and spend it, creating a better, stronger economy for all, and in turn, sending more money to Uncle Sam. Win-win situation if you ask me... Here are some of my issues with the current system. It is ridiculously complicated, people go to school and study for years to try to figure out how to properly do other people's taxes, especially in the business world where you are responsible for making sure, as a company, you are paying your taxes properly, but also your employees, and taking advantage of any loophole you can find. The tax laws are consistantly changing, how can we keep up? What I suggest, if the Fair Tax plan didn't work for whatever reason is to find a suitable tax rate and stick with it across the board... the little people don't think it's fair when the big companies get tax breaks and the big boys don't like it when the little guys get tax breaks... In theory, tax breaks to the big corporations sound good because the majority of our goods and services are obtained by corporate companies, but the corporate companies aren't going by the same theory, because they fatten a coupla guys pockets, not everyone in the company, they don't lower the prices or raise the quality of their goods and services... Also, not everyone in America deals with the corporate world, some people still live in corn fed, small town, USA without a Walmart or Meijer grocery store in miles, so corporations are non-existent in their society... In theory, tax breaks to the working class folk work as well, because you give money to the blue collar, he goes and spends money buying consumer electronics, clothes for the wife, or invests it in the business world, when in reality he is just paying off bills with it so he can charge more stuff to the credit card, with the intent of being dead before he has to pay it off... No income tax, no sales tax, maybe a luxury tax on things like drugs, liquor and the like. This 26% I pay out of my check every payday, go to the store where I pay sales tax on everything, gas tax, and all the nickel and dimeing is ridiculous, it adds up to us giving about half the money, we work long and hard for, to the gov't. and I'm not even rich! AT ALL!! The better plan is the fair tax.

No campaign financing... from individuals, be it corporations or single persons. It leads to corruption, for example, Enron gives money to just about everyone in Washington DC, then they get some sort of special treatment in a land of equality and freedom... How can you be equal if the folks with the most $ get the most security/attention... And what does it cost for Washington to turn it's eyes away from companies that are doing wrong? What would happen if, in your family, you were the youngest son, Bob, and your older brother, Jim, kissed up to daddy real hard and always went out and bought him presents just so daddy would like him more (on the way home Jim got drunk and drove through a crowded schoolyard and killed a bunch of little kids, but daddy didn't really care becuase, well, Jim just bought him a new 15 thousand dollar watch! Be careful next time Jim, maybe go and wash the car for daddy...). My guess is Bob is gonna be kinda pissed off or mentally screwy (which my be more frightening all in all) by it when he can't afford or is just not able to do the same things, even if his loyalty and devotion are 20 times stronger than Jim's (and Bob is an upstanding citizen with a good work ethic and a nice family)... It would be reasonable for anyone who had faith in a certain person or even thought that person had interesting ideas to give 5 bucks to try and help get their name spread across the country. Any more than that truly leads to corruption and unfair treatment. But even with that you have a possibility for corruption because of this example: the company I wrestle squids for sponsors a united way campaign every year. They basically waste an hour of our day, with some dude, talking to us about how nice it is to give to united way. They kinda try to buy us off with pizza, but my picky appetite slides by that one. Well the company is gung ho on giving to united way and they say if you give this much money we will give you a day off work. So, I could potentially see where the same situation may happen in an election or vote. 5 bucks could add up quickly... We live in a society where the word can be spread just about anywhere, for very near zero dollars. The internet is a wonderful tool for spreading the word, as is the coffee shop, the bakery, the bar, or wherever people go to hang out and chat. The greatest things on Earth, if you ask me, are rarely advertised, you just hear about them.

Drugs... legalize! How much money do we have to spend on a war on drugs before we realize that people are gonna do what they are in to... if banging your head against a wall gave you a buzz, would we all have some sort of head banging detector that goes off in a police department somewhere? No, the gov't would just find a way to tax head banging. Why not the same policy for drugs... Legalizing would be smart from all aspects. Less crime due to a lack of black market needs... Tax the hell out of drugs sold in liquor store type setting... Tax profits could go to education about said drugs, rehabilitation, education for our children, defense needs, medical research, environmental research blah blah blah... Drugs could be produced safer by cleaner and more regulated facilities causing less overdose problems and various other chemically related problems... Thousands of jobs could be produced in the manufacturing and sales of said drugs... Various drug byproducts could be used in more applications such as a resurgence in hemp products... Obvious limits should apply such as responsible adult drug usage, driving under the influence regulations, and the legalities of how a person obtained said drug (No Stealing... duh! See Crime below...) Should there be a rule about drug use with kids in the house? Maybe you forfeit your right to do drugs if you have children living in your house? The only reason for that would be potentially harming a life other than your own by using drugs rather than taking care of your business. Basically, drug use for the responsible adult who is sitting in his house harming no one but himself should be legal. Again, theft or abuse of another individual's family or property would not be tolerated. Legally obtaining your money gives you the right to do with it what you want. Smoking cigarettes and the various bans thereof need to think about how much money cigarette smokers add to the economy... I just saw that the company that owns Phillip Morris is number 11 on the Fortune 500 list with $62,182,000,000. Now I understand they own other companies as well, but a huge portion of that is due to smokers around the world buying a product from North Carolina or something and adding tax dollars to our economy, uh, woohoo! At the same time smoking is bad for you, I also understand that, but the anti-smoking propaganda like is annoying. The commercial I've seen recently talks about low birth weight babies being more likely to be born of smokers. I am a firm believer of what happens is gonna happen. I was a baby of a smoker and I was over 11 and a half pounds at birth. Again, I don't want to advise smoking, or sound like a commercial, you need to seriously think about what's going on if you dare light up a smoke. First you go to the store and pay about 3 bucks, if you are lucky, for a box of leaves. Next, you rip off the protective covering (what is really being protected? you or the smokes...) Then, you yank out a paper covered bunch of leaves, hold it between your lips and suck fire through it until smoke billows out. Of you. Now here is my logic, if I'm sitting on my couch minding my own business, not smoking a cigarette but my mouth just starts blowing out smoke, I'm probably going to get to a doctor pretty quick, ya know "hey, my innards are smoking, what's up with that doc?" So, would you think it's a good idea to intentionally cause your body to smoke. I doubt it, people aren't that stupid, propaganda like are made to make you believe you are that stupid and put you down. The neat thing is I have the right to sit here and smoke the cigarette I am smoking and not bother anyone. The secondhand smoke issue is potentially legitimate but in public places like the bars in New York City we have the technical capacity to install some sort of system to keep smoke away from people... or give the separate choice to be nonsmoking or not. Mandating a city or statewide ban on smoking is absurd. Private companies and businesses should have the right to do as they please.

Religion... Gov't does not belong in religion especially in a free democratic country. Special favors to any single religious faith is bad, do to one as you would do to all. Which, with a smaller gov't., means nothing.

Abortion... Women are going to do it whether the gov't allows it or not, it's just how safe can we make it while still deterring the idea that killing a living organism (that turns into a sweet, little baby) inside you is an alright option.

Environment... Humans need to be more responsible about tearing up the environment. We need to demand zero emission vehicles or zero emission mass transit. Burning up earth's fossil fuels is not cool, especially when there are other options... We need to see that by cutting down trees (USE HEMP) and building up commercial properties on wetlandish areas and the like we are doing more damage to the human race... We need to demand recycling and businesses need to add the recycling cost to the bottom line of the product or service they provide. We need to make sure high polluting companies clean up or close their doors via no longer consuming their products...

Lose the party system completely... no democrats no republicans... just Americans... they are basically one entity as it is, why isn't just a big group of people elected to office that may not agree on everything and leave interoffice voting systems basically the same... vote what you like and what you think the people in your area like or poll every last one of them... it wouldn't be difficult to slap a voting machine type of computer into a gas station where you swipe your drivers license and pick the option you want to vote for... hell you could even do it at the pump... the folks who can't get to a gas station or highly accessible voting booth of sorts, give them a call...How many times has a republican not voted for a very worthy democrat just because of their views on abortion or vise versa? It's pointless, vote what's in your heart and mind rather than what one tells you you should do. Think for yourself.

Foreign Policy... We seem to be selling our souls to the lowest bidders. It makes sense to have friends out there because there is cool stuff that comes from other places, but in all reality it tends to bite us in the butt. For example, we sell weapons to Isreal, the Muslim world gets upset. Granted, Isreal tends to be a bit more civilized than the fanatic Muslim, but looking at it through a typical Muslim's (read: not fanatic) eyes, it does seem unfair and kind of cruel natured that we decide who gets the upper hand. Our trade deals with China and some of the other third world countries will also soon come back to bite us. Look for China to break America financially soon. Luckily it goes both ways and they need our consumers about as much as we need their cheap goods. Unfortunately our infrastructure of manufacturing plants could well be shutdown and unable to produce when they decide to up their prices. Good luck to us catching up at that point. It is certainly the easy way to go isolationist. Is it the right way? I'm not sure. I think Americans tend to be fairly spoiled and that causes us to expect that we should make big money working for unions on the assembly line and that is what will be a huge downfall for our culture. Another example of this is General Motors had the tendancy, in the 20th century, to pay very well, due to the automakers unions. What this does is drive up the price of what is precieved to be the inferior product of an American car. Japan comes along and says they can make the same car for slightly more money but it will be reliable and more valuable in the long run. How? Excellent engineering, good price pointing, and assembly line workers who understand that their job is not terribly skilled, therefore they don't make 24 bucks an hour in the third year at the company and have pensions which suck up company resources for eternity. Now, I also say this as a manufacturing employee. I build the printers that make junk mail possible. Could they do it cheaper in China? Well, in fact, my company is starting to move a large amount of it's manufacturing to China. Luckily, we are a research and engineering company and I think I'll still have a high-tech manufacturing job producing the newest printers on the market, whereas I'm hoping that China gets the stuff that has been around a while. I also do not get paid union money. I'm kind of off on a couple other subjects here but foriegn policy is hard for me to grasp (see also- Trade below). My biggest concern as the President of the US of A would be homeland security. Protecting our country from others that want to do us harm. That includes militarily, economically, and socially (probably some other ally's too!)

Education... Humans/Americans need to understand the power of education. I don't think it's necessarily the place of the government make sure schools do what is needed. It's yet another place where private companies could do so much better, especially when we demand that they live up to our expectations. For profit schools are the way to go. I would expect these "For profit/capitalist" schools to give teachers some $$ for dealing with your punk ass kids all year long... Test teachers yearly, with a test to make sure they still know what they are doing, and give awards to those who score highest... Make sure teachers are compatible with kids (probably should be done early in a teachers educational career)... Test kids with good standardized tests early in life so learning disabilities can be seen earlier and dealt with accordingly... Smaller class room size with teachers that are interesting, reprimand teachers with uncreative teaching methods... Break out of the textbook mold once the basics are learned, everything we learn in school has the potential to be much cooler if it is just thought about with a teachers open mind and potentially major help from parents, leading to a major role for parents in the classroom curriculum... Let the parents help come up with good teaching methods for their individual children... Encourage PTA time schedules for all workplaces so parents can have plenty of time per week/month to spend discussing curriculum ideas and how a student is doing... SPICE IT UP! Kids can learn the basics pretty quickly if you can figure out how to teach them properly and with parental help that could be accomplished... Figure out more effective report cards, either the student is doing well or the teachers and parents are missing something and are not doing well... Don't stress college so much, stress reading and on the job experience. It's a lot of pressure for someone, like a teen, who doesn't understand life as it is, much less expect them to go in and do what turns out to probably be the parents dream...

Crime... VICTIMLESS CRIME IS NOT A CRIME! Crimes with victims are VERY much crimes.... bring back justifiably cruel and unusual punishments, canings on the town square, chop off a finger for 3rd time theft offenders or something, castrate rapists if not rehabilitated after first time in jail and serious therapy, harsh thoughtful punishments for the individual crimes committed... VERY PUBLIC... no one is scared (well kinda scared after 911) anymore... no death sentence, who the are we to say you die for killing that guy, punishments for life sentences would be very close to torture... empty the jails by the different punishments... make inmates still in the jails create their own luxuries such as water and electricity and food... taxes will not be used for prisons, inmates should be producing something to repay the money for the jail and for their barely livelihood within... public votes on what crimes should be fit with which punishments after all facts have been given?

Trade... Trade seems to be good because you can get some really cool stuff from some far out places that you'd never even dream of right? Well, on a small scale sure and on a scale where money or some other madness doesn't really matter. But, unfortunately today's "civilized" countries are getting involved with this scammy type of stuff like the WTO and NAFTA. From what I gather, NAFTA entitles Ford Motor Co. to take their American car factory to Mexico or Canada with which thousands of jobs in direct manufacturing, supplying of the manufacturing, and various other economic runoff such as, housing for employees, gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, in Dayton, Ohio we have a GM truck plant (#2 on Fortune 500, 186 billion dollars) that employs a whole butt load of people, surrounded by housing, food, and the like. Right down the road from that there is a Cooper Tire factory (#459, $3.3 billion) I'd bet that's another whole butt load of people, more housing and food, etc. A coupla miles up the road from there is Delphi (#53, 27 billion) transmissions or radiators or something factory, that employs a whole 'nuther butt load of people, surrounded by housing, food and the like again. One single car factory, in Dayton, Ohio, employs thousands and thousands of people here, but there are a lot more "American" car companies that run the assembly lines on the north or south side of the border than you might think. There are also foreign car companies running their production here in the USA. The problem I see is that with the trade laws the people with the most money will be in charge of everything, the big rich corporations who may not be making a great product will be able to slave out the 3rd World countries for a quarter a day earnings in comparison to a decent (what we think at least) wage and a product of the same quality, the corporations end up getting huge profit. Basically, a company makes something, it costs 5 bucks to make it here in America, charging 10 bucks for that product in the marketplace, for a profit of 5 bucks to the company. Take that product to China or Bangladesh or Taiwan and it cost 75 cents to make with the exact same parts but employees that are paid hardly anything. The company gets 9 dollars and 25 cents profit and goes and spends it on advertising and marketing so it can keep the 3rd World countries in the sub-poverty level with inhumane working conditions. Oh but wait because "Hey we're giving them jobs right?" Sure... that's part of it, but when the same product is obtained doesn't someone else deserve some of the money that is made. The product does not get any more affordable, and the quality stays the same. (see also- Foreign Policy above) At the same time Americans are spoiled and need to realize that if we want to stay competitive as a nation we need to cut the unions out, and stop demanding so much pay for a job with little or no skill level. I've heard of steel worker jobs where a guy gets paid like 30 bucks an hour to wake up every 7 minutes to hit a button. Come on!

News Media... Gov't really has no place in the media. Americans need to be responsible for what they watch and what their children watch. What happened to personal credibility? News media could work if the facts were given and no hearsay. The folks who give us the news should be held credible for the news they report. Right now (today is election day) we have all kinds of commercials on the TV saying this person did this and this person believes in this and the normal Joe can't tell what is true and what is not. There are all kinds of reports that say our gov't did such and such but we as American citizens can't believe everything we hear, this should not be the case. I think we could have a group of highly credible voted in officials who will put their name on the line saying things are true and accurate according to the facts. If they prove corrupt or incorrect fire them from their positions and bring in someone else the country trusts.

Basic strategies of the presidency... Again, today being election day, our buddy George W. has been traveling the countryside with our tax dollars to promote the vote for republicans so the democrats won't just "get in the way" (a George w. quote). I believe it is a better idea to get the most diverse people in office as possible because that way you will have the most diverse ideas. Arguing is not a bad thing, the best ideas and solutions come from a group of open minded people that can agree to disagree and work around that. Another strategy is to be straightforward with the country if something is not understood, be flat-out and say hey I don't know, don't beat around the bush, it's a waste of time and energy with everyone involved.

Majority wins... but what happens if the majority of people are stupid? I sincerely believe they are not. Personal responsibility may have a huge disasterous learning curve. Is this the point of the Electoral College?

Problems of politics... Majority may be stupid... all facts cannot be easily given with current biased news access and a gov't news media could not be trusted to deliver all facts because it ends up being gov't uses its outlet to say only what it wants you to hear...

'Ya know what? Screw that, I withdrawal my campaign. I don't want to be the president. Copyright . 1997-2008 and beyond! Contact me here! is proud as hell to be Powered by Your Mom. She looks best in 1024x768...