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Archived shows 11-15 in reverse order and show notes! presents: Concrete Hips!, is now available!

Here are some quotes and things we discussed on presents: Concrete Hips!

1. "It's actually your right."

2. "But it happened..." "Twice"

3. "Bye"

4. "The podcast gets funnier and funnier."

5. Pallbearing talk

6. "Not really that fancy of a horn."

7. Making Bobby cry

8. "Your mom is not nearly that old, dude."

9. Ipecac

10. "Take an advil"

11. The making Bobby cry story gets serious and slightly awkward.

12. Lots of jump stops

13. "And you fucking owe me a dollar"

14. "I'm Housing it."

15. "I'll hug you if you want"

16. "Telling time with your hands."

17. Am I invisible on the front porch of the aighead.compound

18. How intoxicated are the folks in my 'hood?

19. Dynamics of friendships

20. "You can hear it."

21. "Purposely reasons"

22. "How annoying am I?"

23. Where have you puked?

24. Rumple Minze, Southern Comfort, and Screwdrivers

25. "The lesson here for kids is..."

26. "I got a lot to soak up."

27. How do you prepare for a prostrate exam?

28. "Everybody has genital warts."

29. "Everywhere he goes, bus stations... Walmart, even!"


31. Unannounced Little Way To Be An Asshole

32. Other podcasts, Pretty Good Podcast, Adam Carolla, Uhh Yeah Dude (sorry to Seth Romatelli for not mentioning your name, that makes me feel like a dick, 'cause you're a badass)

33. Night Court, Frasier, The Velvet Fog

34. Aggressive Driving Suggestions

35. "Turtle humps a shoe" (sadly, more interesting than I expected)

36. Seat up or down?

37. "Like a woman"

38. "Drop us a line" presents: Amateur Physics!, is now available!

Here are some quotes and things we discussed on presents: Amateur Physics!

1. Confused Intro

2. Make believe Twitter account.

3. Joel aims for animals in the car.

4. "I really feel like every kid gives me the stink eye."

5. "That's the joke"

6. "And no one is believing it yet.

7. Revisiting Tiger Woods 2010 for Wii.

8. Gyroscope talk

9. "Let's go to the phones" but it's a terrible, TERRIBLE idea. But a great example of why you should test your show producing abilities before you attempt new things.

10. "No body gives a shit about sports."

11. "Is your speaker phone any good?"

12. "We should interview the lady at the drive through."

13. Gyroscope talk again

14. We go to the phones again and it goes a bit better. But not well.

15. "Your voice is still loud."

16. "You want to talk to my mom?"

17. Trying to explain a podcast to Bobby's Mom.

18. "Riveting"

19. "Get 'em to make some noise."

20. "We've got to get these phone systems fixed."

21. "Please accept my apologies podcasting audience."

22. "I didn't design it."

23. TV show called Make.

24. Unlocking a car using your cell phone, and me thinking it was a worse idea than it was.

25. "Man, these frenquencies are freaking me out, man." "Dark!"

26. "The waves from the internet."

27. "Would they pay for a no wave room?"

28. Is your refrigerator running?

29. "Shut your copper door."

30. Have you seen the shape and size of various frequency waves?

31. "God damnit, dark!"

32. "This is a good conversation for a pipe."

33. "We whack at our balls all day."

34. Revisiting Drunken Golf Challenge

35. "If you want to call yourself a golf pro, you can call yourself a golf pro."

36. "My drinking versus your golf..."

37. 4 day tourneys? Jesus!

38. "I don't think 18 beers over four hours is that unreasonable..."

39. "Are the pros pro drinkers or pro golfers?"

40. "Everybody is driving carts right?"

41. Do you call the cops on drunk drivers?

42. "The bastard is littering"

43. Are you an environmentalist because you don't like litter?

44. Working a pro golfer's handicap into account.

45. "Cart cam!"

46. Bobby shows up with his family!

47. "I take no responsibilty"

48. "How'd the conversation on the phone go?"

49. "What channel is this on? I gotta listen."

50. "They were losing 8 to 9 when we left."

51. Couples wearing matching shirts.

52. Size trivia! What is the diameter of the Earth? What is the circumference of the Earth? Distance from Earth to the Sun?

53. "Tell her goodbye"

54. "This is my old 'hood."

55. "It's family hour on aighead presents"

56. "Hi nerds again"

57. "I saw him from work."

58. Oscar gets locked up in cords, then eats it running back to the aighead.compound garage and cries. Poor boy!

59. "Daddy's got to poop."

60. "I'm an arrogant prick." presents: Tastes like guilt, is now available!

Here are some quotes and things we discussed on presents: Tastes like guilt

We try some new stuff this episode, and it runs a couple minutes long, hope you love it.

1. First show with a timer!

2. DSi Soundboard? Nope.

3. How much shit can I forget?

4. What time is it appropriate to show up somewhere?

5. "Stupid nothings, plastic table"

6. The aighead.compound family attacks!

7. presents: The first interview.

8. So, what is my kid's name?

9. "Thanks for knowing I'm broke."

10. Ikea talk

11. "That's how I'm gonna go."

12. "Lawn job!"

13. "Gas station job!"

14. "Let me out!"

15. The origins of the names of Ikea furniture

16. Car fires are cool.

17. Forgotten intro parts

18. " Last car fire I saw, I started."

19. Jumping off moving cars

20. "That's not the position of presents: though, is it?"

22. Fast texting

23. "So, she joined a new age Pokemon tournament."

24. "Now I gotta see it."

25. Some sad news from Silky Smooth

26. Getting tossed from Catholicism

27. "If you're Catholic, you were probably drunk."

28. "This blood of Christ is cold."

29. Baptism talk

30. "... it didn't take..."

31. The Power Team

32. "I choose dunking."

33. "Catholickly"

34. Was Catholicism the first Christian religion? Nope.

35. "I'm Catholic, I don't have to."

36. Jesus gets viral

37. "They are probably the top nuts."

38. "Throw some candy!"

39. JoelTrain's new ride

40. Hidy Honda commercials

41. "Waldo Honda?" Nope Willy! Give him a call! 937-425-9564

42. Voss Toyota

43. Negotiate prices for everything!

44. Chicken wire joke

45. "Don't go to hell yet."

46. Wolfram Alpha

47. The explanation of the timeframe of our show recordings

48. "Salamanders Incorporated"

49. iPods in marketing terms

50. "I win!"

51. Teen Pregnancy Barbie / Bratz Dolls / Pregnant at 16

52. Scholarships for getting a baby up in you.

53. "I'm at least that Catholic."

54. Gay marriage talk

55. "Bill O'Reilly is our boss"

56. Do you take cold showers?

57. Tiger Woods for Wii / Wii Motion+ / Trying to understand gyroscopes presents: Do you smell your house?, is now available!

Here are some quotes and things we discussed on presents: Do you smell your house?

1. Plane crashes at the air force base.

2. Plane crash at air show

3. Wright-Patt Air Force Base

4. "Gonna take 45 minutes to save"

5. "Overlook is not a great house."

6. "C130's"? Nope C5

7. "Or they are fuckin' around"

8. Stealth talk

9. Space shuttles riding on planes

10. "What kind of fuckup comes up with that idea?"

11. "We shouldn't have shot him!"

12. Prilosec!


14. "A geese, actually"

15. "... of all times."

16. "All you need to hunt geese with is..."

17. "That's the best shot I hit all day."

18. Golf talk

19. Rolandia

20. Beavercreek Golf Course

21. Dayton Dragons

22. Talking trash at a minor league game

23. "Who is J-Ho then?"

24. "Did I get my dog from him?"

25. Great American Ballpark

26. "Get 'er Dunn"

27. "They do it in batting practice."

28. Golf Drug Testing

29. Drunken Golf Challenge! The greatest idea to come out of the show or anywhere.

30. Scary Golf Moments

31. Sugar Isle Golf Course

32. Properties of Lightning

33. Howie and Mesnic almost get hit by lightning

34. "And I don't think it's bullshit."

35. "What happened to your buddy?"

36. Crows

37. Bats falling out of the sky.

38. "That's rabies shots."

39. Howie's mouse story

40. "You need cats"

41. "But our house really does sit three feet off the ground..."

42. How clean is your house?

43. Pot calling Kettles black. aighead's being a jerk.

44. LittleWayToBeAnAsshole

45. Really though, I'm being a jerk.

46. Do you smell your house?

47. Creepy dirty stuff

48. The contents of my freezer. And the wifey shows up, and howie 2.

49. "Yeah, clean up your house."

50. "You couldn't do a cirlce."


52. Ice Road Trucker has gone to get coffee.

53. "When are we going for a ride?"

54. "We could use her as, like, padding."

55. "I'll eat one for the rest of them."

56. How does your quarter sound?

57. Attuned senses

58. "Wait until eBay is invented and sell it there, for significantly more."

59. "First show, won't be the last."

60. "When you back up, it's feel."

61. Matt almost sings Genesis's "Invisible Touch." presents: Teabag me before you leave, is now available!

Here are some quotes and things we discussed on presents: Teabag me before you leave

This is a more serious, slightly slower than usual show, but somehow way more show notes than ever...

1. "Set's up a little blanket."

2. "Bam, see ya."

3. "Prey"

4. "Grizz needs his own wordplay podcast."

5. "And, I don't know how true this is."

6. Near-border guards, permanent DUI checkpoints, and the dudes that get beat up there.

7. "They X-ray the truck."

8. "What if you are going 69?"

9. "Find somebody that wants to do it like Sonny Bono..."

10. "We need to stop"

11. Constitution vs. 10 Commandments

12. "Come on man, teabag me before you leave."

13. "You can walk into a Walmart and buy a shotgun."

14. Why was the Civil War?

15. "I see it getting far worse..."

16. Muslim chanting out of mosque towers for prayer time

17. Quiet time!

18. Pushing a 1 world religion

19. "1 World non-religion"

20. "Does green become a religion?"

21. "Everyone should believe this."

22. Carbon Credits

23. "It looks better."

24. Bitching about e-checks on the site.

25. "I guess we don't really give a rats ass about carbon emissions."

26. "You see very few smokers just going down..."

27. A Little Way to be an Asshole

28. What can you put in a bonfire?

29. "Bam! There goes the second TV."

30. "... killed a couple ozones..."

31. "How many fucking beds do you go through?"

32. "You look like you're topic trolling."

33. "That's just mesnic's ass..."

34. Can you see asteroids crashing into the moon?

35. "Wright-Patt crashes into the moon"

36. Wrong measurements, pt.1

37. "I never walked it."

38. "We can see Texas from the moon."

39. "That's fucking the moon up!"

40. The meteor that hit Russia in the 1900's.

41. Where is Bosnia?

42. Super Volcanos

43. "Enjoy 'em, 'cause I'm not."

44. Ring of Fire

45. Topiary maps, what?

46. Howie 2 shows up

47. Lava talk

48. The temperature of molten rock

49. "I guess my past comment was stupid."

50. "Sitting on a big fucking melty ball of death."

51. Wrong measurements, pt. 2

52. The earth is only 25.6 miles thick

53. "Woo, geometry!"

54. "Math is hard."

55. Geothermal?

56. "This motherfucker being earth"

57. Digging holes

58. How high does water go?

59. "We should get boats."

60. "Fortunately, though, my house sits three feet off the ground and has wheels..."

61. Moraine airport

62. Crash at the Dayton Air Show

63. Plane crashes near the air force base Copyright . 1997-2008 and beyond! Contact me here! is proud as hell to be Powered by Your Mom. She looks best in 1024x768...